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  • FOCUS Case Study

    FOCUS Case Study

    Case Study Update Overview We Were Able to Reduce Focuses Facebook Ads Cost per Lead by $71.44 In About 3 Months This is how it was done… The Problem Since starting with Focus in 2021 we have been very bottom of the funnel or in the market focused. We are going after people who wanted…

  • Teleplay PicPulse

    Teleplay PicPulse

    Overview Nickolay Lamm was facing an issue scaling his ads. He could get consistent results but could not increase the spend without diminishing his returns. After working with him on both the landing page and ads we were able to not only almost double his spend with a 77% increase but also reduce his costs…

  • Kaymbu Case Study

    Kaymbu Case Study

    Goals Kaymbu contracted me to help them with their Linkedin advertising initially then we moved on to marketing and website and CRM revamping. Because this is a B2B brand we started on Linkedin. This case study shows the results we were able to achieve on Linkedin. Currently, we’re working on revamping the website and CRM…

  • Keresal Case Study

    Keresal Case Study

    Overview SI was able to shave $98 off of Kerasals cost per conversions with a new advertising strategy. Most CPG brands rely on retailers to garner most of thier purchases. This poses a problem when using digital ads. The problem, they are not able to optimize for meaningful conversions. Kerasal had been doing just this…

  • RID Case Study

    RID Case Study

    Goals I managed RIDs advertising as well as developed and implemented a new marketing strategy for them. Results 6.77% CTR 5.78% Conversion Rate Got any book recommendations?

  • Hex Performance

    Hex Performance

    Goals I initially started working with Hex Performance to drive down thier Cost Per Landing Page View and Ad Recall Lift. Below are the results of the efforts on that front. I have since been educating them on the importance of optimizing for events that more directly correlated with their business KPIs and I’m currently…

  • Rent Reporters Case Study

    Rent Reporters Case Study

    Goals Rent Reporters is a credit building SAAS company that allows users to gain credit from paying rent. They came to me for help with their advertising. They had been advertising on Facebook, Google, and Snapchat. Their biggest concern was that sales on Snapchat’s effectiveness was dropping off significantly compared to their summer performance. After…

  • Infograpify Case Study

    Infograpify Case Study

    Goals Luis, the owner of Infograpify contracted me in June of 2020 to scale the performance of his business using Facebook advertising. Our contract officially started on the 25th of June. Below are the results I was able to achieve with a pivot in marketing strategy and some CRO. Results 3,716 Purchases $44,162.11 Return Total…

  • Juris Lead Case Study

    Juris Lead Case Study

    Goals The owner of Juris Lead, John had tried working with an agency to build a lead generation funnel for auto injury claims. While they were able to generate some leads, the costs were far too high. I did a complete overhaul of the marketing strategy and built out a new website funnel. We have…

  • My Amazon Brand

    My Amazon Brand

    Overview I founded, owned, and operated LED PONG from 2016 until 2020. It was a small Amazon FBA brand that while not huge, was profitable. After the emergence of the coronavirus the supply chain collapsed forcing me to shut it down. Product Listing https://www.amazon.com/LED-PONG-Beer-Pong-Green/dp/B074V6JT6N/ Sales Performance Amazon Advertising Impressive Day, Amazon Sales Another Impressive Day…

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