Category: Private Case Studies

  • Kaymbu Case Study

    Kaymbu Case Study

    Goals Kaymbu contracted me to help them with their Linkedin advertising initially then we moved on to marketing and website and CRM revamping. Because this is a B2B brand we started on Linkedin. This case study shows the results we were able to achieve on Linkedin. Currently, we’re working on revamping the website and CRM…

  • Keresal Case Study

    Keresal Case Study

    Overview SI was able to shave $98 off of Kerasals cost per conversions with a new advertising strategy. Most CPG brands rely on retailers to garner most of thier purchases. This poses a problem when using digital ads. The problem, they are not able to optimize for meaningful conversions. Kerasal had been doing just this…

  • RID Case Study

    RID Case Study

    Goals I managed RIDs advertising as well as developed and implemented a new marketing strategy for them. Results 6.77% CTR 5.78% Conversion Rate Got any book recommendations?

  • Hex Performance

    Hex Performance

    Goals I initially started working with Hex Performance to drive down thier Cost Per Landing Page View and Ad Recall Lift. Below are the results of the efforts on that front. I have since been educating them on the importance of optimizing for events that more directly correlated with their business KPIs and I’m currently…

  • Rent Reporters Case Study

    Rent Reporters Case Study

    Goals Rent Reporters is a credit building SAAS company that allows users to gain credit from paying rent. They came to me for help with their advertising. They had been advertising on Facebook, Google, and Snapchat. Their biggest concern was that sales on Snapchat’s effectiveness was dropping off significantly compared to their summer performance. After…

  • Badfish Case Study

    Badfish Case Study

    Goals Badfish has an in-house media buyer. They had been sticking to only doing retargeting but they came to me to develop a Black Friday sales strategy that would target cold audiences and ultimately be more profitable than what they were able to achieve with their current retargeting strategy. I developed a plan to offer…