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We Were Able to Reduce Focuses Facebook Ads Cost per Lead by $71.44 In About 3 Months This is how it was done

The Problem

Since starting with Focus in 2021 we have been very bottom of the funnel or in the market focused. We are going after people who wanted to become a personal trainer now.

While this is an important aspect of every marketing strategy is poses a few issues:

  1. You’re not building a strong brand presence and relationship with people who are not in-market.
  2. You’re not nurturing, educating, and inspiring people to become in-market for your product.

The end result is that you’re left prospecting in a pool of people who know very little about your brand. They need more touch points, are more convincing, and are more likely to price shop.

This increases the cost of acquiring a customer.

What We Did

To solve this issue we…

  1. Flipped the “funnel” on its head and began looking at the bottom middle and top of Funnel through the lens of customer levels of awareness vs action-based website actions.
  2. Took a more relational marketing or personal brand approach with our content.

This meant:

Taking a deep dive on their marketing strategy to better understand their audience, identify what they truly represent to that audience, develop USPs and content pillars.

Producing organic content targeted toward colder or “higher level of awareness audiences” that is less focused on selling and more focused on educating, entertaining, and inspiring

Additionally, we reworked the bottom-of-funnel content to be less focused on “buy now, take action” and more focused on showcasing their USPs and relationships building with trust and authority.



Cost per Lead


Number of Leads

(Feb 1st – May 14th) Vs (May 15th – Aug 25th) 2023

Actual Lead Data


Feb 1st – May 14th, 2023

May 15th – Aug 25th, 2023

Ads Before and After



Case Study 1


Focus initially contacted me for a Facebook ads account audit. They were having issues with rising costs after the IOS 14 update. They then went on to hire me to not only manage their advertising but optimize their overall acquisition strategy.

Below are the results I was able to achieved in month 1. I have continued to work with a focus on optimizing their overall marketing strategy and conversion rate.



Cost per Lead


Number of Leads

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